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My favourite meal! (魚蛋河粉)

My favourite meal! (魚蛋河粉)

Also the most expensive one I had in HK.

When I was younger, my favourite meal was french toast with a red bean ice. Technically, that was afternoon tea. But I still order that for lunch whenever I could.

But when I think of comfort food, fishballs and noodles in broth (with loads of chili sauce) is what comes to mind. The time I spent in HK was not wasted, I tried multiple places, with many different family recipes, and I still haven’t found one that I will call number one. Because I can’t. They all are wonderful in their own ways.

This was my first fishball and noodles meal in HK, and my aunt Pianca treated me. This was at a place in Wan Chai, I regret not taking a business card nor taking a photo that included the name that was on the menu. I tried looking places up on OpenRice but no go. C’est la vie. This was also the most expensive bowl of fishball noodles that I ingested during my travels. (I think it was around $35HKD.) Of course it’s probably because of the location of the shop and they handmade, real fish fishball and fish cake.

It was yummy, & the company was great. Catching up with my aunt was rewarding: got the inside scoop on some family gossip etc. I love gossip, what can I say? I hear it but I don’t spread it!


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September 2012

September 2012

Same time last year, I was in Hong Kong.

I remembered being a little apprehensive as the time to leave was getting closer. But I thought it would be all right because I still have family there. My maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Little did I know that the people that I remembered and loved were not the same.

There’s a Chinese saying: Moon renews, people change. Never had I seen that happen sooo…fully.

Anyway, this turning over a new leaf is not about this. It’s more of me wanting to keep my memories. I had such a wonderful time there. I really reconnected with my Aunt Amy and Cousin Miu and her boyfriend, Johnny.

I enjoyed experiencing the work environment in HK, working at an hospital cafeteria. Making great friends.

I even had the chance of watching The Hobbit in HK! (With my new work friend, Bonnie. :-D )

So yes, this blog will be happy.

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