So far it’s just been a blur.

My mom came back from Hong Kong in February and the next day we got a call that our grandfather was in the hospital. Two hours later, he passed. 

My aunt, uncle, and cousins handled the funeral arrangements and crematory over in HK. I had to frantically find other continuing education units (ceu) for my license because the conference that I had booked to go to, was on the day of the funeral. I’m just glad I got my cancellation in before the point of no return.

Drama in HK. I don’t want to rehash here because it’s just not something pleasant and…worthy. 

Mom stayed in HK while sister and I came back the night before my first of 12’s ceus. Had a great time at the conference, met with some colleagues, and networked a little. I am horrible at networking. 

Got the rest of my ceus done before my license expires in June. 

Mom came back from HK in May. Grandma is going to spend three months in Japan with my Aunt Ida and her family.  And then my other aunt will bring her back to HK. 

Celebrated my mom’s bday. Had so much to talk to her. I just missed her loads. 

Still looking for long-term employment.  But did a lot of retail therapy. It’s always like this, when I’m employed, I savedsavedsaved. But when I’m unemployed, all I want to do is spend and buy. 

And I think it’s pretty up-to-date.  I should flesh this post out a little more. But I’m still apprehensive about being open book.  I want to talk about all the things that happened in HK. And I know how unlikely it would be that my relatives would read here. But. I’m scared. And what is the point? If they do read it, they either get my perspective on what occurred or they get pissy because they think I’ve put them in a bad light. 

Grrr. This blogging thing is so complicated. (Yeah, I made it complicated.)  I’m not good at vlogging (my voice is sooooo deep and disgruntled) nor am I good at online writing.  Give me pen and journal any day of the week. 


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