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The Future

One of my favourite cartoons was The Jetsons. In my innocence, I didn’t realised the convenience of flying cars and jetpacks. Even having Rosie, the robot maid, is a luxury few can afford.

I digress. People were not just extolling the virtues of the coming digital age, but really putting loads of expectations, making it on par with the Industrial Revolution. But I guess not-at least not to me. Yes, things and information have gotten smaller and smaller, and the convenience of cloud storage and external hard-drives are hard to beat. But! Here’s a secret of mine:

I am an hoarder. I place sentimental values on every little piece of object I ever owned, touched, coveted, even glanced at. My writing notebook from first grade? Squirreled away in a chest in my parent’s house. Receipts of souvenirs bought from a vacation back in the 90s? In a notebook in a box in the ottoman of my parent’s house.  Elementary school textbooks (English textbooks, with short stories and poems! How can I tossed them? I love books, I am a bookworm. I love the smell of books, the feel of the pages [uncut or otherwise], the sound the different paper makes, EVERYTHING!), on the bookcase in my room.  I think you get the point.

The point is, I was looking through my vacation photos on my hard-drives (four and growing) and I was thinking, on one hand, it’s a shame that I don’t have my pictures in photo albums so that I can look through them whenever the mood hits, but on the other hand, I don’t delete any pictures. Ever. Even the out of focused pix or the bad composition ones. I hold on to them because I feel like, it was taken through my eyes, I can still sense the thought that went behind the photograph. I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like, it’s mine. It’s a part of me. And I can’t let go.

It’s a problem. Books I’ve read, long outgrown, still has a place on my bookshelf. Ebooks read and disliked, or even unfinished ebooks, still on my Nook and hard-drive. Just “in case I want to give it another go”, (side-note: I tried reading Jane Eyre five different times, but it is still unfinished and I still have both the hard copy and e-copy.).

The point of the post. (Sorry, I am not a good blogger, I ramble (hence my blog name), I digress, I go alllll over the place.)  Before, when things were regular sized and tangible, I could convince myself during every Chinese New Year’s cleaning and spring cleaning, to let go of some things. It’s hard, but I did eventually got rid of my math tests from elementary and junior high school. And some art projects that was made for my mom but even she said to not be so sentimental and chuck them.

But now, in the digital age, I may have gotten worse. Each of my hard-drive are over 1 TB, I have online journals & blogs AND physical, handwritten journals & notebooks. Plural. Sketchbooks. Planners. Scraps of paper with notes written on them. And this is just one aspect of my life. I keep all and sundry.

How did I get into this? Oh yeah, looking through pictures.

Just to prove my point, here’s a picture of a stationery set that my Aunt Pianca gave me when I immigrated to the US. (Taken just now with my phone, hence the crappy resolution.)

I kept it in it’s plastic wrap for almost twenty years (see the year? 1989). Not in use, just sitting on my desk. And now it’s finally being used. Well, only for holding my writing instruments. I don’t actually use the mechanical pencil nor the notepaper that it came with. The tiny bottle of glue dried up a long time ago.

There’s no way to end this rambly post. I think I made my point very, very clear. Hi, my name is Mortie and I am an hoarder, a sentimental romantic.


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My favourite meal! (魚蛋河粉)

My favourite meal! (魚蛋河粉)

Also the most expensive one I had in HK.

When I was younger, my favourite meal was french toast with a red bean ice. Technically, that was afternoon tea. But I still order that for lunch whenever I could.

But when I think of comfort food, fishballs and noodles in broth (with loads of chili sauce) is what comes to mind. The time I spent in HK was not wasted, I tried multiple places, with many different family recipes, and I still haven’t found one that I will call number one. Because I can’t. They all are wonderful in their own ways.

This was my first fishball and noodles meal in HK, and my aunt Pianca treated me. This was at a place in Wan Chai, I regret not taking a business card nor taking a photo that included the name that was on the menu. I tried looking places up on OpenRice but no go. C’est la vie. This was also the most expensive bowl of fishball noodles that I ingested during my travels. (I think it was around $35HKD.) Of course it’s probably because of the location of the shop and they handmade, real fish fishball and fish cake.

It was yummy, & the company was great. Catching up with my aunt was rewarding: got the inside scoop on some family gossip etc. I love gossip, what can I say? I hear it but I don’t spread it!

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September 2012

September 2012

Same time last year, I was in Hong Kong.

I remembered being a little apprehensive as the time to leave was getting closer. But I thought it would be all right because I still have family there. My maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Little did I know that the people that I remembered and loved were not the same.

There’s a Chinese saying: Moon renews, people change. Never had I seen that happen sooo…fully.

Anyway, this turning over a new leaf is not about this. It’s more of me wanting to keep my memories. I had such a wonderful time there. I really reconnected with my Aunt Amy and Cousin Miu and her boyfriend, Johnny.

I enjoyed experiencing the work environment in HK, working at an hospital cafeteria. Making great friends.

I even had the chance of watching The Hobbit in HK! (With my new work friend, Bonnie. :-D )

So yes, this blog will be happy.

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Turning over leaves (old & new)

It’s November! The trees are bare, the lawns are filled with leaves and needles. I thought pine trees are all-seasons? They are not the same as evergreens?

Anyway,  it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. The last time on, I think I’ve decided to make this a review blog. But that didn’t take. So, take two!

I’m trying to blog more because as I grow older, I’m losing my memory more and more. I used to take pictures for the memories but even with that I find that I don’t really remember the little things. The silly jokes between friends and families.

This blog post took almost two weeks to write and finish. I am so not good at this and I do hope I do better.


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